ExoPC Slate Windows 7 Tablet Review

Yet another Windows 7 tablet? No, not all as the ExoPC Slate tablet has couple of tricks up its sleeve to set itself apart from the Windows 7 tablet crowd. Starting of with hardware it looks just your average Windows 7 tablet with Intel Atom processor, 2 GB RAM, 11.6 inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, accelorometer and Broadcom HD chip and it retails at $599. Where ExoPC is very different is the software.

Eventhough it runs Windows 7 the company has modified the user interface to make it more finger friendly. ExoPC has customised desktop screen, Internet Explorer, media player and even its own app store. Unfortunately the battery life is on par with other Windows 7 tablets as it is good for about 4 hours of use. Still if you are after a Windows 7 tablet this is the one to get at this very moment. Check the videos and photos by Engadget below for more info.

ExoPC Slate specifications
– 11.6 inch capacitive touchscreen (1366 x 768 px)
– 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450
– 32 GB SSD drive
– Weight 950 g
– 2 x USB 2.0, headphone out, SD card reader, Mini-HDMI
– Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator
– 3 cell battery, up to 4 hours
– Price $599

ExoPC Slate videos

ExoPC Photos
ExoPC Slate Tablet Photos



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