HP Compaq Presario CQ57-371EA Screen & Speakers Screen & Speakers

- 15.6 inch (1366 x 768px)
- Glossy finish
- Low brightness and poor contrast
- Sound lacks depth


So far so good. But HP had to make savings somewhere and it looks like it was the screen. Not only it features a glossy finish which might cause you problems with reflections if you are using it outside. If you will be using it indoors that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Also the brightness and colour contrast are poor but at least the image is sharp enough.

No HDMI, poor quality screen – those are not recipes for a multimedia notebook and quality of speakers is equally poor. Although loud and clear the sound lacks any depth and gets a bit distorted at high volume levels.

HP Compaq Presario CQ57-371EA screen


HP Compaq Presario CQ57-371EA Performance Performance

- 1.65 GHz AMD E Series E-450
- 4 GB DDR3 memory
- AMD Radeon HD 6320M Graphics
- 3DMark 06 score: ~2,400
- 500 GB 5400 rpm hard drive
- Windows 7 Experience score: 3.9


The AMD E-450 is by no means a speed-demon but for basic tasks such as web browsing, emails and document editing should suffice. At least it’s a dual core processor so light multi-tasking is possible. Also being coupled with the 4GB DDR3 ram helped overall making the Windows 7 feel responsive but it will bog down while starting up demanding applications such as Photoshop.

Overall in performance it’s on par with previous generation Intel Core 2 Duo U7600 but where it has a huge advantage over its competitors is the integrated AMD Radeon HD 6320M graphics. While not suitable for high quality gaming it does score about 2,400 points in 3DMark 06, which isn’t bad at all for a budget integrated graphics. This means you will be able to play older game titles if you turn down the details to minimum (don’t let the high 5.9 score in Windows 7 full you). On top of that it will happily play full HD 1080p content.

The included 500 GB 5400 rpm hard drive is not as fast as SSD and 7200 rpm drives. But for most daily tasks you will not notice much difference and the capacity is quite generous considering the price of the notebook.

Windows 7 Experience Index assesses key system components on a scale of 1.0 to 7.9

HP Compaq Presario CQ57-371EA Windows 7 Experience Index


HP Compaq Presario CQ57-371EA Battery Life Battery Life

- 6 cell battery
– 6 hours of reading documents
– 5 hours of web browsing
– 4 hours of watching video
– 2 hours of gaming

Another area where HP Compaq Presario CQ57-371EA delivers is the battery life. The included 6-cell 47 WHr battery offers up  about 5 hours of web browsing, 4 hours of watching video content, 2 hours of gaming and if you turn the WiFi off and turn screen brightness all the way down it even offers about 6 hours of text editing. These numbers for a sub £300 15 inch notebook are absolutely outstanding.



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